Is the bootcamp right for me?

The bootcamp is right for you if you have an interest in data and a desire to learn. Previous programming experience in any language is ideal but not strictly required. Applicants will be judged primarily on their drive and willingness to succeed in a career as a data engineer.

Who is the teacher, Brad?

Read more about Brad.

Where are the classes?

Classes are live, online and recorded. Class attendance is very highly recommended, but "life happens" so classes are recorded for convenience. Students may participate in a live graduation presentation upon completion of the bootcamp, to be held in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

When are the classes?

A survey will be sent out to accepted students to find the best time to hold classes. Past bootcamps have had twice weekly live group sessions held from 8-10am, 4:30-5:30pm and in the late evenings 8-10pm Eastern time (USA). One-on-one sessions, pair programming or group work can be scheduled at anytime that works for the participants.

I have a day job, can I apply?

You can apply! All are welcome, I'll try and fit your schedule where I can.

I am from abroad (not the USA), can I apply?

You can apply! All are welcome, if you can speak English well and can attend live online courses in the Eastern Timezone (USA) I'd be happy to have you.

How much does it cost?

The bootcamp will only cost students money if it works. The payment that will be asked from from each student depends on the career outcomes it delivers, this allows us to coach and mentor students at different stages of their career and from different countries or financial situations. Each student's rate will be negotiated individually, but a rule of thumb for pricing is expect to be asked to pay 10% of your first years salary, or 50% of the increase in your salary, whichever is greater. Applicants may avoid fees altogether if they are placed with a recruiter that we partner with, but working with a recriter is 100% optional, you can read more about how recruiters get paid and decide for yourself.

Applicants will be screened based on their ability and desire to earn and grow their careers. We want to deliver high-impact training that changes peoples careers and lives. To do this we ask each applicant to pay only if they think the bootcamp worked for them, and wait to ask for payment (our suggested payment, not a legal requirement) after our alumni land great jobs as data-focused engineers. Dropouts or students that decide that data work is not for them will not be asked to pay.

We aim to maintain competitive pricing, and research salaries as well as competitor bootcamps regularly, we are happy to share this reseach to help you make a decision to attend or not. Our data sources page links to some of our competitor's websites, their bootcamps often cost $12-17k and require upfront payment. We want to deliver high-impact training that dramatically increases salaries for those who need it most, to do that we ask for payment after the bootcamp and only if it delivers results for our students. If you have any questions about this please email You can also review our salary research here.

What is the curriculum?

It is 40% Data Engineering, 30% Data Science, 10% DevOps and 20% Open Source Linux Hacker stuff. I maintain a public repository that you can visit

I have a question that is not annswered here, how can I get answers?

send an email to or schedule a meeting.