Data Engineer/Data Science Salary Data

We care deeply about making money for our students, we need to know what the job market looks like for data engineers and have lots of data to support our salary claims. Students should know these numbers as well, especially when negotiating offers for salaries! Two other fun data points to keep in mind are #1 What are the INTERNS making at google (about $53/hr or $110k/year) and #2 what do different types of software engineers make in comparison to each other (Data Engineers are at the top end at about $129k median, where designers and front end devs are near the bottom at $108k and $115k respectively)? Lastly we keep track of job openings and the ranking of Data Science and Engineering roles in GlassDoor's Best Jobs in America, which generally translates to the rest of the world as well.

Competitor Bootcamp Pricing Data

We research the pricing of competitor bootcamps all of the time, here is what you can expect to pay if you choose to take one of these instead, go check out their websites for yourself.