Learn data, AI/ML, modeling and more.

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Sharpen your data skills. Get paid.

In this course, mentored by Brad Flaugher (About, LinkedIn), you will learn how working with and understanding data can steadily nourish your career.

Learning programming in a data-focused way means that so long as there are customers and users generating data you will always be gainfully employed. What’s more, you’ll learn how reading data and making fantastic models can unlock the growth potential for businesses, regardless of size. Read more in our FAQ.

highlighted bootcamp features:
💻 live online sessions with assignments
🎓 workshops to deliver hands-on experience with real data
🧑 peer support and pair programming
🐧 learn GNU/Linux, Python, SQL, Docker, Tensorflow, PyTorch and the latest free and open source software tools
🤖 use the latest AI/ML modeling techniques and learn how to fine-tune LLMs and diffusion models

Learn how to do the "Best Job in America".
Join our virtual and in-person learning communities for support after the bootcamp.

Data work is fun AND it pays well!

Alumni Stories

"Brad is so down to earth and willing to make the time for you when you need help. He knows the ins and outs of his field and it shows he is so passionate about it. Brad taught me to be open to other opportunities whether you know it or not and just learn more about it instead of shying away from it. He is the reason I am willing to pursue another skill in my life and I appreciate him for that."
"Brad motivated his students and his passion about the bootcamp was undeniable. He was patient and thoughtful of students with different levels of coding skills, providing resources and lectures to refine our skills. With Brad's coaching and guidance, my journey to become a Data Engineer is achievable."
"The course with Brad’s tutoring was a rocket launch for my ML career. An attitude Brad has shown played a vital role in that. He created a unique environment of healthy competition, and an open-minded discussion policy and removed any anxiety about being «not good enough». All those elements built up solid basics of my to-be future profession."

Portfolio Projects

Each student works on projects that match their career goals. some highlighted student work can be found on Brad's youtube channel.

Staying relevant is easy when you work on projects that excite you! Read more about how your hobbies should influence your career.