A Photo of Brad in his MIT T-Shirt :).

About Brad

💻 I've worked for companies large and small, I've started and sold my own companies, built apps, etc... and worked for huge Mega-Corps (like Johnson & Johnson, and Procter & Gamble).

🤓 I am a published computational neuroscientist and have been thinking about machine learning and neural networks than longer than I care to admit. I am also married to a brilliant PhD in Psychology who keeps me honest about any scientific extrapolations I make from my models.

🎓 I love to learn and am continuously taking continuing education courses 🙄. Most recently I have been taking courses at MIT, Wharton and also watch many O'Reilly movies on AI/ML for fun. I don't know everything, but I can look almost anything up and learn it when I need to.

🙌 I love to teach and help people get into the best career in America. I started by teaching my little sister how to be a developer and has expanded to annual bootcamps with students from around the world.