AI Harmony Book Cover

Hi, 👋 I'm Brad

I'm an MIT and Wharton trained hacker 🏴‍☠️, I love writing code and teaching people about software. Between musings on machine learning and taming tensors, I wrote "AI Harmony" (available on Amazon 📖 and Audible 🎧) to help my clients and students better understand artificial intelligence.

Software Development

I've spent my career as a contract software developer and am a lifetime member of the Association for Computing Machinery. I co-founded and am the former CTO of Inoxoft (formerly Bread Factory Studios) where I led the development of data-driven applications for clients ranging from startups to large companies 🚀. Although I'm no longer the CTO, I still work closely with the Inoxoft team.

I support the Free Software Foundation and contribute to the free and open source software community through my work at Medusa Intelligence Corporation. I also tutor graduate students in my spare time, helping them learn more about practical AI and Machine Learning techniques. Additionally, I created TranslateTribune, a fully automated foreign-language news aggregator that translates news articles in 19 languages, making it easier for people around the world to access international news.


I invest in startups via Punk Syndicate and sit on the board of NextFab Ventures.


You can write code with me on GitHub, read my essays on Patreon or write me an old-fashioned email at 📧

I hold public office hours every Thursday. Book a time to get coffee ☕ have a phone call or video chat via my calendar 📆.

Notable and Quotable

  • "If you're not paying for information, you're getting propaganda. News is a premium product. You pay for news you trust." - April 2, 2024 (Philly Inquirer)
  • "I talk to Dr. Erdi pretty regularly and I want to keep the interdisciplinary spirit of what he does alive" - February 28, 2024 (Kalamazoo College)
  • "I feel like MIT was a safe place for someone who was a management skeptic to learn about management. And now I feel like a manager who has a good level of support as well. Management science is no longer scary to me. I know who I can go to to ask questions. I know I have resources." - June 5, 2023 (MIT)
  • "Deep neural network based models are the models that are powering most leading AI services today, self-driving cars, adtech and fintech models, and health outcome predictors all use the same tech stack that I was using to generate my art. I know this because I have parlayed my hobby into consulting work with big companies like Procter & Gamble, and smaller ones via my work with NextFab here in Philly." - July 19, 2022 ( Philly)
  • "Smith left Apple in August to start Offline. He says that the team he and co-founder Brad Flaugher have put together has an executable product that focuses on writer empowerment." - December 5, 2013 (TechCrunch)
  • "We present a preliminary computational model designed to capture learning dynamics in healthy control and schizophrenia subjects." - June 16, 2008 (Computational Neurodynamics)